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Loading Data with SSIS

by Mike McQuillan

You know a little bit about SSIS, but what you’d really like to know is how to use it to move data from one place to another, maybe with a few data transformations thrown in for good measure. Watch the course and you’ll learn all of this and more!

What you'll learn

Do you need to load information from a data source and move it to another place? Maybe you need to pick up data from some source files, modify the data, and load the rows into a database. Well congratulations, because you have come across the ideal course! In this course, Loading Data with SSIS, you'll learn all about data loading in SSIS, beginning with connection managers and executing SQL tasks. First, you’ll see how a control flow can be designed and built, and how constraints can be used to direct the flow of the package. Next, you'll discover detailed coverage of data flows showing how data sources and transformations can be used to deliver top notch data to a target destination. Then, you’ll even learn how variables and parameters can be used in expressions, making your package ultra-configurable and easy to manage and deploy! Finally, you'll find out how to create a custom Script Component, which can act as a data source or destination for data formats not supported natively by SSIS. By the end of this course, you’ll know all the key concepts required to create solid SSIS packages that can transport data from one data source to another, and you'll have all the practical skills you need to load data into just about any format or system you can think of! Software required: SQL Server Development edition, SQL Server Management Studio, Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition, SSIS add-in for Visual Studio.

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About the author

Mike is a polyglot architect/developer who loves to mess around with data. He runs a consultancy company in the UK, helping organizations to build better systems and databases. Mike is married and has one daughter and two dogs, Dolly and Bertie. They keep his feet warm when he's working on courses and articles. Mike has written a book on SQL Server and writes regular articles for He also likes collecting old computers like the Commodore 64 and Sinclair Spectrum. No, he doe... more

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