Making Data-informed Decisions: Executive Briefing

by Jordan Morrow

The ability to make smart decisions with data is paramount to an organization's success. This Executive Briefing will dive into the world of making smart, intelligent decisions with data, and how it ties to data literacy.

What you'll learn

Tech leaders need a fundamental understanding of the tools and technologies their teams use to build solutions. In this course, Making Data-informed Decisions: Executive Briefing, you will learn that the world of data and analytics should drive an organization to make smarter data-driven and data-informed decisions. First, you will see about making decisions with data. Then, you will discover the 4-levels of analytics and how it pertains to decision making with data. Finally, you will explore the two main types of decision making with data: data-driven and data-informed, and tying this into data literacy and a data literate culture. By the end of this course, you will have a greater understanding of data-informed decision making for your organization.

Table of contents

Utilizing Data to Make Decisions
Utilizing the 4 Levels of Analytics in Decision Making
Harnessing the Power of Data Decision Making
Utilizing Data Literacy in Decision Making with Data

About the author

Jordan Morrow is the Global Head of Data Literacy at Qlik. In this role, Jordan has helped drive the importance of Data Literacy to the world, while helping build a world class-education program; Jordan can be found traveling the world speaking on this important topic. Along with his passion for Data Literacy, Jordan is an avid family man and trail runner. So, whether with his family, in the mountains, or working with Data Literacy, Jordan can be found with his passions.

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