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Business Email Compromise

by Tyler Hudak and Aaron Rosenmund

This course will teach you to prevent, detect, and when you must, respond to Business Email Compromise cyber attacks.

What you'll learn

Though not technically malware in the sense of a malicious executable running on your systems, business email compromise is just as dangerous. Leveraging the cloud based email solutions that we have come to rely on, this family of cyber attacks has become more advanced and is responsible for billions of dollars in losses. In this course, Business Email Compromise, you’ll learn how these attacks work, who they target, and various techniques attackers use to leverage email compromise access to steal money and impersonate their victims. By the end of this course, you will learn effective and practical actions you can take to prevent, detect, and if required, respond to a business email compromise attack.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Business Email Compromises: Prevention, Detection, and Response

About the authors

Tyler Hudak has more than 15 years of extensive real-world experience in incident handling, malware analysis, computer forensics, and information security for multiple Fortune 500 firms. He has spoken and taught at a number of security conferences on the topics of malware analysis, incident response, and penetration testing, and brings his frontl ine experience and proven techniques to bear in his training.

Aaron M. Rosenmund is a cyber security operations subject matter expert, with a background in federal and business defensive and offensive cyber operations and system automation. Leveraging his administration and automation experience, Aaron actively contributes to multiple open and closed source security operation platform projects and continues to create tools and content to benefit the community. As an educator & cyber security researcher at Pluralsight, he is focused on advancing cyber secur... more

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