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Managing Azure SQL Server Database Performance

by Hugo Barona

Managing and tuning SQL database performance requires expertise and can be time-consuming. This course will explain to you how you can leverage Azure services and features to perform these tasks in a smooth, effortless, and easy way.

What you'll learn

When we talk about managing and tuning database performance, we know that these tasks used to require expertise and used to be time-consuming. Sometimes we would not achieve the best results in our first, or even second, or third attempt to fix the performance issue. In this course, Managing Azure SQL Server Database Performance, you will gain the ability to leverage Azure services and features to help you to manage and tune the performance of your Azure SQL databases without requiring expertise and significant efforts from you. These services and features are leveraging Azure Engineers team and artificial intelligence to perform these tasks for you and remove the responsibility from you to perform them. First, you will discover the different hosting options you have available in Azure to host your SQL databases. Next, you will learn the different services and features you have available to allow you to monitor and troubleshoot issues in your databases. Finally, you will explore how to use features, such as Performance Recommendations and Automatic Tuning. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of using Azure services and features to manage and tune the performance of your Azure SQL databases.

About the author

Hugo is a Sr. Software Engineer with expertise in Software Development, developing applications based on the Microsoft Stack while leveraging the Open Source technologies. He is a passionate professional for Cloud Systems and Technologies, specifically all Microsoft Azure related. He is Microsoft Certified Professional with Microsoft Certifications in Web/App Development (MCSA - Web Applications, MCSD - App Builder) and Azure (Azure Developer Associate and Azure Solutions Architect). But Love... more

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