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Managing Excel 2016 Workbooks for Analytics

by George Mount

Learn to build an analytics product in Excel, from workbook design principles to methods for recovering and comparing versions.

What you'll learn

Excel’s accessibility makes it great for building client-facing analytics products. To make the most of this medium, workbook management is key. In this course, Managing Excel 2016 Workbooks for Analytics, you will gain the ability to create and maintain workbooks that are easy to use and hard to break. First, you will learn the principles of workbook design. Next, you will discover how to debug and audit cell formulas. Finally, you will explore how to secure, restrict and maintain a workbook. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of workbook management needed to build analytics products in Excel.

About the author

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, George is a data analyst and educator specializing in developing content for business analytics. Key platforms in Excel, R and SQL. George's goal is to help analysts manage their data for more creative thinking about their business. George blogs about data analytics and careers at

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