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Managing Load Balancing and Scale in Docker Swarm Mode Clusters

by Elton Stoneman

Swarm mode is the clustering technology built right into Docker. This course teaches you how load balancing and scale work in swarm mode, so you can run reliable and scalable apps in production.

What you'll learn

Docker swarm mode is a production-grade container orchestrator with built-in features for load-balancing and scaling your applications. In this course, Managing Load Balancing and Scale in Docker Swarm Mode Clusters, you'll learn how to deploy and manage applications in swarm mode for high availability, high performance, and easy scale. First, you'll learn how load balancing and service discovery works in swarm mode. Then you'll learn how to scale your services and your swarm - with Linux and Windows nodes. Finally, you'll learn how to run multiple applications and maximize the use of your cluster, and how swarm mode supports production maintenance and deployment. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to run performance reliable apps in production with Docker swarm mode.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Elton is a 10-time Microsoft MVP, author, trainer and speaker. He spent most of his career as a consultant working in Microsoft technologies, architecting and delivering complex solutions for industry leaders. He has delivered APIs on Azure serving millions of clients daily, Big Data solutions processing billions of events weekly, and cutting-edge solutions powered by containers. Elton's experience with .NET goes from .NET 1.0 running on Windows Server, right up to .NET Core running on Linux. Wh... more

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