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Managing SQL Server Database Maintenance

by Viktor Suha

Database backups, index maintenance, and integrity checks are crucial tasks in any SQL Server environment. This course covers what database maintenance is, why it is necessary, why you should plan it, and how you can optimize it.

What you'll learn

Your SQL Server environment should have backups, index maintenance, and database integrity checks implemented and scheduled to run regularly. If these are missing or not carefully planned, it can cause problems at many levels. In this course, Managing SQL Server Database Maintenance, you will gain the ability to understand the importance of these tasks and implement them with the Ola Hallengren scripted maintenance solution. First, you will learn about SQL Server backups, what the main backup types are, why planning backups is important, and how you can restore these backups in case of a disaster, both on-premises and in Azure. Next, you will discover the three main pillars of index maintenance: index rebuild, index reorganize, and statistics update, along with how you can optimize these tasks. Finally, you will explore how to address database corruptions in SQL Server, detect corruptions, and lower the impact of regular integrity checks in your production environment. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of SQL Server database maintenance needed to keep your data safe in case of a disaster, optimize workload performance, and ensure data integrity.

About the author

Viktor has been working with the Microsoft data platform for many years now. He is a Cloud Data Architect, having worked with the largest enterprise customers in different roles. His experience covers widespread knowledge in data engineering, database administration, database development and consulting. Viktor owns several Microsoft Azure certifications as well as an MCSA certification for SQL Server. He is keen to learn new technologies and he is a lifelong learner. In his latest role, he prima... more

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