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Managing SSAS Models

by Patrick Neborg

This course takes you through managing an Analysis Services database, both multidimensional and tabular, in the areas of adding an attribute to a dimension, partitioning the fact data, and updating the processing of the model with automation.

What you'll learn

SQL Server Analysis Services is one of the most widely used tools to analyze businesses with decades of innovations and features that have kept it as leader for business intelligence solutions. In this course, Managing SSAS Models, you will learn how you can manage and improve performance for your multidimensional and tabular models. First, you will explore using backup and restore to get a non-production database available for modification of its object model. Then, you will see the steps necessary to add a new attribute to an existing dimension. Finally, you will learn how processing will be changed to use partitioning to reduce time needed for nightly processing of the database. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of managing SSAS models needed to effectively maintain SQL Server Analysis Service databases.

About the author

Patrick has over 20 years experience implementing SOA solutions that utilize both web and desktop clients primarily using Microsoft's development technology stack. Currently, he utilizes C# and JScript along with T-SQL/LINQ and has previously worked extensively with other technologies such as VB.NET and WCF. In addition to implementing client specified solutions, Patrick implements Agile process based solutions utilizing Team Foundation Server (TFS). Over time he has taken on various technical ... more

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