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Managing Remote Teams

by Doru Catana

Remote work is rapidly becoming the norm for digital workers. Learn how to become an effective manager of remote teams and master everything from recruiting, communication, performance, and culture.

What you'll learn

Knowing how to effectively manage remote teams has become an essential management skill if you want access to the best talent available worldwide and to keep up with a more and more competitive work environment. This course, Managing Remote Teams, comes as a solution to that problem, tackling it from multiple perspectives. First, you'll discover the core components of remote team management: recruiting, communication, performance, and culture. Next, you'll explore the principles of management and types of management systems. Finally, you'll learn the fundamentals of implementation and some tools to help you along the way. When you're finished with this course, you'll have a solid understanding of the theory of remote team management, as well as practical experience from completing all the quick exercises found throughout the course.

About the author

Audacious Leap, the digital marketing agency I founded has created and run hundreds of projects in dozens of industries ranging from notebook manufacturers in Australia, to bikes in Dublin Ireland, iOS apps and lawyers in Canada, real estate & stationery in the US, tennis supplements in France and business consulting in the Netherlands, I decided to share my experience from both successful and not-so-successful campaigns in the form of a series of marketing courses. All my courses are based on e... more

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