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Manipulating String Data in R

by Martin Burger

Learn how to work on string data in R. Use the best add on packages' and perform sentiment analysis on large texts.

What you'll learn

Do you want to learn how to use R to efficiently clean and analyze string data? In this course, Manipulating String Data in R, you will learn multiple techniques that are crucial for string related work. First, you will learn the multiple functions available that help you in handling string or character data. Next, you will be shown the best functions from both R Base as well as the stringr add on package. Then, all common tasks will be demonstrated including: replacing, removing, counting or searching string patterns via regex syntax. Next, you will understand Regex, are invaluable in defining specific patterns in a string. Finally, you will see how sentiment analysis is performed in R, and the sentiment lexicons available for fast and efficient sentiment analysis. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of string handling needed to work on all sorts of text based data including books, social media feeds and tweets.

About the author

Martin studied biostatistics and worked for several pharmaceutical companies before he became a data science consultant and author. He published over 15 courses on R, Tableau 9 and other data science related subjects. His main focus lies on analytics software like R and SPSS but he is also interested in modern data visualization tools like Tableau. If he is not busy coding, blogging or working out new teaching concepts you may find him skiing or hiking in the Alps.

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