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Creating Geospatial Maps with MapServer and GDAL

by Jon Oxtoby

Maps are a great way to visually convey all manner of data. This course will quickly have you creating your own custom maps with MapServer, one of the most popular open source mapping solutions.

What you'll learn

Nowadays, maps are ubiquitous, and for good reason. Maps allow us to convey all manner of data visually and, quite often, beautifully. Understanding how to create your own custom maps from base geospatial data is an excellent skill for both designer and developer alike. In this course, Creating Geospatial Maps with MapServer and GDAL, you'll begin by installing MapServer and GDAL quickly and easily. You'll then create your first map using freely available data and learn how to apply custom styles to make the map your own. Next, you'll move on to more advanced concepts such as creating maps programmatically using MapScript, inspecting and modifying data using the GDAL suite, and querying data. When you've finished with this course you'll have your own WMS and WFS standards compliant server ready to go and start sharing your own amazing maps with others across the web.

About the author

Jon Oxtoby got his first taste of coding on his Sinclair ZX Spectrum back in the early 80s and has loved it ever since, diving head-first into any and every language he has the opportunity to work with. With a B.S. in meteorology from Purdue University, the majority of his career has involved developing web and desktop applications related to the analysis and display of weather and other geospatial data. He is currently a senior software engineer with AvMet Applications.

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