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Getting Started with MariaDB

by Pinal Dave

This course will teach you how to learn MariaDB by installation and configuration from the scratch. You'll also learn how to write efficient queries to retrieve data from multiple tables.

What you'll learn

MariaDB is great for its open-source innovation and enterprise-grade reliability, as well as its modern relational database. It has emerged as a smart alternative to legacy databases. In recent releases, MariaDB Server has become the leading open source database for enterprises closing the gaps with proprietary databases. In this course, Getting Started with MariaDB, you'll learn all the concepts which will help you to get started with MariaDB. First, you'll discover how to install and configure MariaDB. Next, you'll explore how to retrieve and modify the data. Then, you'll learn how to retrieve data using Joins. Finally, you'll figure out how to write efficient code and learn resources. By the end of this course, you'll have a solid foundation to get started developing applications with MariaDB.

About the author

Pinal Dave is an SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert and independent consultant with over 21 years of hands-on experience. He holds a Master of Science degree and numerous database certifications. Pinal has authored 14 SQL Server database books and 45 Pluralsight courses. To freely share his knowledge and help others build their expertise, Pinal has also written more than 5,500 database tech articles on his blog at https://blog.sqlauthority.com.

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