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Creating Men's Formal Wear with Marvelous Designer

by Natalija Jagarinec

Modeling fabrics has always been time consuming and the demand for high-quality pieces is rising. This course will help you speed up your workflow and achieve high-end results by learning Marvelous Designer. Software required: Marvelous Designer 5 or higher.

What you'll learn

If you are an interior designer, architect, or fashion designer, you'll benefit from learning 3D clothing simulation with Marvelous Designer, since working on such projects involves tight deadlines where you need to produce high-end results fast. With the help of this course, Creating Men's Formal Wear with Marvelous Designer, you can quickly achieve a final result that can be used in a high quality render and apply the knowledge you have gained to garments or even furniture. First, you'll learn about a variety of sewing techniques. Next, you'll explore some simulating tricks. Finally, you'll get acquainted with a wide spectrum of tools available in Marvelous Designer. By the end of this course, you'll have the knowledge to tackle your own garments or try to simulate even more difficult ones. Software required: Marvelous Designer 5 or higher.

About the author

Since an early age, Natalija has known that her main career focus would always be in the creative spectrum of expertise. Born and raised in Maribor, Slovenia she graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, with an emphasis on visual communication. Her journey started as a freelancer, working mostly on high profile projects in graphic design. The shift of attention from the 2D world into the 3D scope occurred when she started working for Visual Development, where he... more

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