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Master the Art of Toning Black and White Photographs

by Kasia Zmokla

Digital toning is an effective way to enrich your images. In this course you'll learn how to add a color tint to black and white photos with Photoshop. Software Required: Photoshop

What you'll learn

In this course, Master the Art of Toning Black and White Photographs, you'll learn the basic principles of adding a color tint to black and white images. The course takes a deep dive into specific techniques that will allow you great flexibility and maintaining a non-destructive workflow. First, you'll learn how to select the best method depending on your needs. Next, you'll master toning black and white photos with multiple monotone and duotone techniques. Finally, you'll be able to creatively experiment and to achieve original and extraordinary results. By the end of this course, you'll have a foundational knowledge of enhancing black and white images, and be able to take your black and white photography to entirely new level. Software Required: Photoshop

About the author

Kasia is a fine art photographer, designer, and video creator with 20 years experience working in the Graphic Design industry. She worked full time for design studios in Poland, Ireland, and Malta and independently as an artist, photographer, and freelance designer for numerous clients around the world. Her work is displayed internationally including the Asia Contemporary Art Gallery in Singapore. Kasia is a founder of Digital Art Classes. She is also an active contributor to several photo s... more

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