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WordPress as a Network: Mastering WordPress Multisite

by Chris Reynolds

Did you know that inside every WordPress installation is the potential to launch an entire blogging network? This course will explore WordPress multisite -- the technology that powers -- and show you how to harness that power for your own sites.

What you'll learn

Every single WordPress installation has the potential to launch hundreds of individual sites right inside the main installation with WordPress multisite. WordPress multisite can be an intimidating beast, and is not the best solution for every scenario. This course will look at WordPress multisite, when you would want to use it, how to deal with the new administrative features, and how to implement and develop multisite-specific functionality.

About the author

Chris Reynolds is a WordPress developer for WebDevStudios and has been a freelance web designer and developer specializing in WordPress since 2007. He has spoken at WordCamp Salt Lake City and WordPress SLC meetups, and has submitted plugins and themes to the repository. When he’s not writing code or making videos, he makes electronic music and cheers for Real Salt Lake.

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