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Maximizing Nmap 7 for Security Auditing

by Matt Glass

Maximizing Nmap for Security Auditing is the third course in the Nmap series where you will learn how to leverage the Nmap Scripting Engine, write custom scripts, and automate security auditing tasks.

What you'll learn

Conducting an information security audit can be a lengthy and in-depth process. In this course, Maximizing Nmap 7 for Security Auditing, you will learn how to leverage the capabilities of Nmap. First, you will discover how to use Nmap to find network hosts and potential vulnerabilities. Next, you will see how to leverage the Nmap scripting engine to increase Nmap’s capabilities. Finally, you will create custom solutions to increase your productivity and the effectiveness of the audit. When you are finished with this course, you will be ready to effectively implement Nmap in your information security audits.

About the author

Matt Glass is a Service Delivery Manager in Naples, Italy, working as a government contractor. Matt has 15 years of IT experience in a variety of roles. Consistently finding joy in developing the skills of others and helping their careers, he joined Pluralsight in 2017 to pass on the lessons he learned. Matt is married and the father of four children.

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