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Animating a Walk Cycle in Maya

by Brett Vanderkist

Animating a walk cycle is a core skill that all animators need to master. This course will teach you how to approach the building and refining of a walk cycle in Maya.

What you'll learn

Have you ever tried to animate a character walking, but the result wasn't moving correctly, and you didn't know how to fix it? If so, this course, Animating a Walk Cycle in Maya, is the perfect course for you because you will learn how to plan, block in, and complete a walk cycle. First, you will learn and create the major key positions of a walk. Next, you will add breakdown positions to control spacing and weight, and add drag and overlapping action. Finally, you will clean up and refine the animation using the graph editor. When you're finished with this Maya course, you will not only know how to create a walk cycle but also how to identify problems with the animation and correct them. Software required: Maya 2018.

About the author

Brett has been drawing cartoons since he was a kid, and chose to pursue a career in 2D animation. After working for several years on Flash animated projects, like Atomic Betty and Wow Wow Wubbzy, he transitioned into CG animation. Experience has taught him to keep learning and adapt to new mediums. He's been teaching animation for over ten years now, and loves bringing characters to life.

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