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Maya Dynamics: Creating Effects With Multiple Solvers

by Pankaj Malik

This course will teach you the multiple solver approach to learn and create a powerful tornado. You'll learn the various aspects of Maya fluid, particles , Mel-expressions, and fields. Software required: Maya.

What you'll learn

Have you ever wished to create a deadly and powerful tornado? In this course, Maya Dynamics: Creating Effects With Multiple Solvers, you'll learn the various fundamentals and stages of tornado creation and its impacts. First, you'll discover how to get started with basic blocking and structuring of tornado using multiple solver approach. Next, you'll learn how to add realism in your fluid simulations and detailing in particle debris, along with learning various useful mel-expressions and able to control the external fields. Finally, when you're done with simulations and cache, you'll learn the techniques to render out the entire effect using Arnold rendering engine. When you're finished with this course, you'll be ready to show-case the simulation of the various stages and phenomena of a tornado, such as wall-cloud formation, ground-dust, and particle debris. Software required: Maya.

About the author

Pankaj Malik is a Senior Instructor of VFX. He has seven years experience teaching and training students. He loves to explore the ocean of Maya commands and recently updated to the world of Digital Sculpting. He is a modeler, texturing, and lighting artist and a self taught dynamics artist. He is an Autodesk Certified Professional of Maya and 3ds Max and Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop. He has made five short 3D commercial films and two VFX movies. He believes in great knowledge sharing a... more

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