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Jun 1, 2011
1h 22m
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In this series of lessons, we will be taking a detailed look at each of the commands found in Maya's Edit Mesh menu. Each video in this course is a self-contained lesson centering on one of the commands found in the Edit Mesh menu in Maya. This means that these lessons can be viewed in any order you wish, allowing you to jump straight to the content that is most relevant to you. Over the course of these lessons, we'll take a detailed look at each of the Edit Mesh commands and how each of them can be used to speed up our workflow.

About the author
About the author

Justin thrives as a lead modeling author at Pluralsight. Growing up, Justin found a deep interest for the computer graphics industry after watching movies like Jurassic Park, Toy Story and The Abyss. His ambition would lead him to work at Sony Imageworks in Los Angeles on movies like Monster House and Surf's Up. Justin has also had numerous articles, tutorials and images published in 3D World and 3D Artist.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Introduction and Project Overview
The Keep Faces Together option works in conjunction with several modeling tools, and changes the way in which geometry is created. We can find the Keep Faces Together toggle under Polygons, Edit Mesh. And we can see that it's currently checked on. If we take a look at this group of polygons that we have here, let's go ahead and extrude these with Keep Faces Together checked, and you can see that it extrudes those as a single block, all of these are connected. We can toggle Keep Faces Together on or off by holding down control-shift, right click, and we can toggle that. And you can see that that now has separated all of those faces. We can also toggle the value by going into our Create Node over in the inputs, and toggling that on or off under Faces Together. This also applies to duplicating faces, so if I select these three faces and turn off Keep Faces Together, and now Duplicate Face, and pull those off you can see that those faces have been duplicated, but they've been separated as well. So you can see that all three of those are individually duplicated. If I go up here and extract, it works the same way. So we've got Keep Faces Together off, and we'll choose to extract this geometry, and now pull this off again. And you can see that those are extracted, but all of the faces have been separated out. And you can see that in our polyChipoff Node here, we also have a Faces Together option, which we can toggle. So there are several ways to toggle this. Up here, turning this off and on, control-shift on the extrude and holding down the right click will enable you to toggle that, as well as accessing the toggling via the nodes in the inputs.