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Meet Chef

by Joshua Sierles

Automate your server deployments with Ruby.

What you'll learn

For many years, server administration was a grueling, manual process. It was one area of computer science that hadn't caught up to the agile, iterative techniques of software development. Thanks to Chef, you can now automate your server deployments with the same confidence with which you run your unit tests. Even software developers can overcome the fear of sysadmin work! In an hour, former 37signals sysadmin Joshua Sierles takes you through the basics of building Chef recipes.

About the author

Joshua worked in security and systems administration since the early days of the web. He joined the Ruby on Rails movement in its infancy. He debugged, deployed and scaled Rails applications at Engine Yard. He kept Basecamp running on the 37signals ops team and worked on a popular set of Chef recipes. He is a Chef contributor and evangelist. Joshua lives in Sevilla, Spain and plays flamenco guitar. He contributes code at

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