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Meet CoffeeScript

by Geoffrey Grosenbach

CoffeeScript is a little language that compiles to JavaScript. It adds useful features and smoother syntax while compiling to clean, readable JavaScript. You can use it anywhere you use JavaScript: in the browser, or on the server with Node.js. Learn it fast with this Meet CoffeeScript course.

What you'll learn

CoffeeScript has exploded in popularity since April 2011. It was talked about in every other presentation at JSConf. It's made enough waves that some language features popularized by CoffeeScript are planned for inclusion in future versions of JavaScript itself. In this course, you'll learn not only how to use CoffeeScript, but also how to write code in clean CoffeeScript style. You'll build a cash register application in test-first fashion. Thanks to technical editing from CoffeeScript author Jeremy Ashkenas and committer Michael Ficarra, you'll get authoritative insights into the best ways to write and use CoffeeScript.

About the author

Geoffrey founded PeepCode and has created numerous courses on Ruby, JavaScript and Shell. He commits code at

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