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Meet Elixir

by Jose Valim

Write concurrent programs with the Elixir language.

What you'll learn

Elixir is a fun language inspired by the best parts of scripting languages like Ruby and Python, but built on the industrial strength Erlang VM. The multicore, distributed future is here, and Elixir has arrived just in time to help you build apps for it! Elixir creator Jose Valim (also known as a former committer to Rails and author of the wildly popular Devise gem) takes you through his language while building a real-world library to parse HTTP streaming metadata files.

About the author

José Valim is co-founder of Plataformatec, creator of the Elixir programming language and member of the Ruby on Rails Core Team. He is an active member of the open source community, frequently speaking about his passion for software development, and author of Crafting Rails Applications.

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