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Meet PostgreSQL

by Xavier Shay

Learn the most powerful tools for working with the Postgres database system.

What you'll learn

For many years, serious database aficionados have preferred the Postgres database system. It's industrial strength - many installations store terabytes of data. It's fully open source (not controlled by a predatory corporation). It's fast and easy to use. Full text search is built-in. It's the default database for all applications deployed to Heroku. In this course, respected database expert (and world-traveling teacher of "The Database is Your Friend" workshops) Xavier Shay teaches the most useful and powerful features of Postgres. You'll learn to use the built-in full-text search and optimize it. You'll work with triggers and indexes. You'll save yourself hours of frustration with tips for using Postgres smoothly with Rails 3.

About the author

Xavier has been on the startup scene for over a decade, and is prolific in the open-source community. He is on the RSpec core team and is Rails contributor. Lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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