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Microsoft 365 Cloud Concepts

by Vlad Catrinescu

Microsoft 365 is one of the most popular productivity clouds in the world! This course will teach you the foundations of cloud computing with a focus on Microsoft 365.

What you'll learn

Over 90% of the Fortune 500 is using at least one Microsoft cloud service – and over 100 million users interact with Microsoft 365 every single day! Whether you’re a business user, an IT professional, or a developer it’s important that you understand the basic concepts of the cloud, as well as where Microsoft 365 fits in Microsoft’s cloud offerings. In this course, Microsoft 365 Cloud Concepts, you’ll learn the fundamental concepts of cloud computing and how they apply to Microsoft 365. First, you’ll learn what the cloud is and why it’s important. Next, you’ll explore the different types of cloud computing and where Microsoft 365 fits in. Finally, you’ll discover how Microsoft 365 is priced and supported. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of cloud computing needed to better understand Microsoft 365. This course also covers the objectives part of the MS-900 Microsoft Certification exam.

About the author

Vlad is an Office 365 consultant helping organizations get the most out their Microsoft 365 Digital Workplace. IT Professional at heart, Vlad focuses on helping administrators deploy, manage, automate, and configure governance across services such as SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams. As an author, Microsoft Certified Trainer and recognized international speaker, Vlad has helped over a million IT Professionals and end-users across the globe to better understand and to ge... more

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