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Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Bot Framework Solution

by Brian Harrison

In this course, you will learn how to create a Bot Framework solution from the ground up, including how to piece it together with other Azure components such as AI Services, Search Engines, and Database Backends and then push it to Production.

What you'll learn

When building your bot framework solution in Azure, you will need to understand how to connect it to many different AI and other data-related services as well as how to deploy it into a productionized environment. In this course, Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Bot Framework Solution, you will gain the ability to develop and deploy a Bot Framework solution. First, you will learn how to connect all of the necessary services for your Bot Framework solution. Next, you will discover how to test the connectivity of those services as well as how to validate the output of the Bot Framework solutions activities. Finally, you will explore how to productionize your Bot Framework solution so that it can be deployed in Azure and you can feel secure about that deployment. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Azure AI Bot Framework needed to develop, test, connect, and eventually deploy your own Bot Framework solution using any of the available connected services that Azure provides.

About the author

Brian has been working in the Cloud space for more than a decade as both a Cloud Architect and Cloud Engineer. He has experience building Application Development, Infrastructure, and AI-based architectures using many different OSS and Non-OSS based technologies. In addition to his work at Pluralsight, he is always trying to educate customers about how to get started in the cloud with his many blogs and videos. He is currently working as a Cloud Solution Architect for Microsoft designing solution... more

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