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Managing Microsoft Azure App Service Protection

by Benjamin Culbertson

Learn how to use third-party authentication and authorization, configure permissions for your internal users on your app services, and how to back up your web app!

What you'll learn

Interested in giving your web or mobile app a world-class touch by letting your users log in via Facebook? In this course, Managing Microsoft Azure App Service Protection, you'll learn how to protect your web and mobile apps. First, you’ll be shown how to enable your users to log in with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and yes, even Microsoft accounts. Next, you'll explore how to grant (and take away) management capabilities to the web app to your users via roles. Finally, you'll discover how to back up your web and mobile apps for disaster recovery. When you’re finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of web app service protection needed to give your web and mobile app users a premium experience, as well as provide management and backup capabilities for your apps.

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