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Microsoft Azure Developer: Choosing an Appropriate Compute Solution

by Matt Milner

There are a lot of options for where to run your code in the Azure cloud. In this course, you will learn how the major compute options function, their benefits and drawbacks, and guidance on how to choose the right option for your application.

What you'll learn

Choosing the right compute option in Azure can be a challenge because there are several choices and some seem to overlap. In this course, Microsoft Azure Developer: Choosing an Appropriate Compute Solution, you will acquire foundational knowledge of the major Azure Compute options. First, you will learn about Azure Virtual Machines. Next, you will discover platform as a service (PaaS) options including Web Apps, Logic Apps, and Azure Functions. Finally, you will explore how to build and deploy containers in Azure. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Azure Compute needed to make the right choice for your application compute options.

About the author

Matt is an independent consultant with expertise in web application design and development and systems integration. As a writer, Matt has contributed to several journals and magazines such as MSDN Magazine. Matt regularly shares his love of technology by speaking at local, regional, and international conferences such as DevWeek, Prairie Dev Con, That Conference, and VS Live. As a Pluralsight Author, Matt has created more than 30 courses on the topics of web, mobile, and cloud development.

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