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Microsoft Azure Developer: Identifying an Appropriate Integration Solution

by Mick Badran

This course is aimed at walking you through different integration strategies using Microsoft Integration Services and Azure as your backbone. Integration evolves come join me and build for scale from day one.

What you'll learn

Integration is complex and even harder at scale. In this course, Microsoft Azure Developer: Identifying an Appropriate Integration Solution, you will learn and gain the ability to architect and build different Integration Architectures to solve your challenge. First, you will explore different Integration approaches. Next, you will discover how Microsoft Azure comes to the party making it easy. Finally, you will see how to connect APIs/Services from wherever they are into your Integration Solution. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of being able to Architect and Integrate using Microsoft Integration Services within Azure.

About the author

Mick has a strong applied technical focus predominately in the Application Integration space, from interactive endpoints through to Analytics and BI stacks. High performance near real time interfaces is his specialty. Mick is a Microsoft Azure Integration MVP with a strong focus on Integration stacks. Having an equal balance between training and the consulting world with 15 years of leading a technical team to create innovative solutions. Mick is the mastermind behind global award winning proj... more

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