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Configuring and Using Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

by Neil Morrissey

This course will teach you how to upload and access data securely using a variety of tools and code, and how to integrate with Azure Search and the Content Delivery Network.

What you'll learn

Storing and managing unstructured data is a challenge for every organization. Cost effective storage is a very compelling reason, in itself, for an organization to move to the cloud. Azure Blob Storage is a cloud storage solution with a host of features to help you move data into the cloud, secure that data, and allow users and applications to access the data. In this course, Configuring and Using Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, you'll learn all about the Blob service. First, you'll explore the basics of Blob Storage, including the different kinds of blobs, and how to upload and secure them in the service. Next, you'll see the latest features of Blob Storage to make management easier, like soft delete and authentication to the Blob service using Azure AD. Finally, you'll discover in depth how Blob Storage can be exposed by the Content Delivery Network and indexed by Azure Search, giving you the ability to search the contents of a variety of different file types. By the end of this course, you'll know how to set up and use Blob Storage, how to interact with it from the Azure CLI and from code, and how to configure other Azure Services to leverage Blob Storage.

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About the author

Neil has worked on everything from early mobile .NET compact framework apps to modern Azure based web apps during his years in IT. As a developer and architect, he has focused on .NET and JavaScript application development, security, and hosting across a variety of Microsoft platforms, including ASP.NET, SharePoint, and Dynamics CRM. Neil has several Microsoft Certifications, including MCPD, MCSA, and MCSD.

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