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Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services: Bing Web Search API

by Ashish Minocha

Bing Web Search API is a search offering under Azure Cognitive Services which provides a global ad-free search engine. This course will teach you how to create Bing Web Search applications and to utilize the different response sections and filters.

What you'll learn

Microsoft is investing heavily in its cognitive services offerings and one of the key categories is search.

In this course, Microsoft Cognitive Services: Bing Web Search API, you will create a search application from scratch using Bing Web Search API endpoints to request search strings, provide different filters, and return responses containing search results.

First, you will discover how Bing Web Search provides the same ad-free global engine for users to enable their applications with search capabilities, as well as to contain results from webpages, images, videos, entities, and news.

Next, you will learn the key components needed to execute Bing Web Search and its pricing structure and related documentation.

Finally, you will understand the different filters that Bing Web Search supports including count, freshness, market, and safe search.

When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Bing Web Search needed to create global-scale ad-free search applications that you can fully customize to show the results that you want.

About the author

Ashish is a Technology Manager and architect with a deep passion for Cloud and been engaged with developing Cloud based solutions for Global Clients. He began his career with Windows NT and has done MCSE 2 times (now legacy) and he's Azure Architect certified. For many years, he worked on implementing Enterprise IP Telephony and deploying different CRM systems. He's had the privilege to work for different industries like Service, Manufacturing, Automotive and Banking. He loves understanding clie... more

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