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Developing Microsoft Azure Intelligent Edge Solutions

by Jared Rhodes

This course targets software developers that are looking to build edge solutions that can process data and make intelligent decisions. This course will showcase how to develop those solutions using Microsoft Azure.

What you'll learn

Over time, what was once simply internet of things solutions has evolved into edge solutions. In this course, Developing Microsoft Azure Intelligent Edge Solutions, you will learn foundational knowledge of edge computing, how it interacts with data and messaging systems, and how to utilize both with Microsoft Azure. First, you will learn the concepts of edge and internet of things computing. Next, you will discover how to process streaming data on hot, warm, and cold paths. Finally, you will explore how real-time and batch processing can be utilized in an edge solution. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of edge and internet of things in Azure needed to architect your next edge solution. Software required: Microsoft Azure, .NET.

About the author

Jared Rhodes has been working in technology for about 10 years. When he started his education, he didn't consider any of the aspects of software development. For his major, he studied physics. Once he graduated, the job market thought his skills were geared towards software development more than physics. His career started at a solar power installer. It was the same as most careers, fixing web pages and batch jobs. After that, he moved into insurance for a year writing a rating engine to give ra... more

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