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Designing a Disaster Recovery Strategy on Microsoft Azure

by Mike Pfeiffer

Microsoft disaster recovery is key in order to reduce unplanned failures within your applications. This course teaches you how to effectively design and implement a disaster recovery solution using the Microsoft Azure platform.

What you'll learn

Developing a disaster recovery strategy is crucial in order to avoid any IT interruptions when building your own application on the Microsoft Azure platform. In this course, Designing a Disaster Recovery Strategy on Microsoft Azure, you'll learn about the design considerations that you should keep in mind when you're building applications in the cloud that can withstand unplanned failures. First, you'll explore common backup scenarios and how to determine disaster recovery requirements. Next, you'll discover how to design a recovery architecture. Finally, you'll learn how to enable geo-replication for Azure virtual machines and databases. By the end of this course, you'll have the necessary knowledge to efficiently architect the right solutions by utilizing different design topologies for disaster recovery on Microsoft Azure.

About the author

Mike Pfeiffer is a twenty year IT industry veteran, published author, and international conference speaker. He's a former architect for Amazon Web Services and engineer for Microsoft. Today Pfeiffer serves as Chief Technologist at

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