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Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer: Inspecting and Identifying Code Dependencies

by Neil Morrissey

This course will teach you how to manage software dependencies using packages. You'll learn to configure Azure Artifacts, a service within Azure DevOps, to distribute custom packages and external packages from public feeds.

What you'll learn

Software applications are getting larger and more complex, and to manage that complexity we often reuse code in our solutions. That code might come from open source libraries, third party libraries or you might have your own code components that you need to reuse across solutions. The way we reuse code is through packages, and they need to be stored in a package repository. In this course, Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer: Inspecting and Identifying Code Dependencies, you'll learn package management within Azure DevOps. First, you’ll learn how to identify code dependencies in your codebase that you can extract and turn into reusable packages. Next, you'll explore package types and feeds, and specifically, feeds in Azure Artifacts. Then, you'll discover how to package your own code as a NuGet package and consume it from an Azure Artifacts feed. Finally, you'll see how to make publishing of your package part of your continuous integration continuous deployment pipeline in Azure Pipelines. By the end of this course, you'll know how to identify code dependencies and use Azure Artifacts to host the packages that your application and pipelines depend on.

About the author

Neil has worked on everything from early mobile .NET compact framework apps to modern Azure based web apps during his years in IT. As a developer and architect, he has focused on .NET and JavaScript application development, security, and hosting across a variety of Microsoft platforms, including ASP.NET, SharePoint, and Dynamics CRM. Neil has several Microsoft Certifications, including MCPD, MCSA, and MCSD.

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