Managing and Responding to Security Events Using Azure Sentinel

by Muhammad Sajid

This course will teach you what Azure Sentinel is and how it helps organizations optimize their security. You will learn how to use this solution for threat detection, investigation, and rapid response for security incidents in your environment.

What you'll learn

Overwhelming volumes of security data combined with shortages of qualified professionals in the cybersecurity space continue to prove a challenge for many organizations. In this course, Managing and Responding to Security Events Using Azure Sentinel, you will learn how the Azure Sentinel can help you solve many SOC and SecOps challenges.

First, you will explore how simple it is to enable the Azure Sentinel solution in your Azure environments, and start ingesting data for analyses. Next, you will learn how to manage security incidents and use Workbooks for Visualizations. Finally, you will learn how Azure Sentinel helps you to detect threats using Analytic rules and how to perform proactive threat hunting.

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to be able to use the Azure Sentinel in your organization and help your organization's SOC and SecOps teams leverage this cloud-native SIEM-as-a-service and SOAR-as-a-service offering from Microsoft.

Table of contents

About the author

Muhammad Sajid is a high-octane Cloud Solutions Architect with a passion for turning whiteboard drawings into fully functional cloud-native software solutions. He speaks regularly on several community events and conferences about cloud in general, architecture and cloud-native software development. Sajid has helped many organizations in their cloud transformation journey by training teams and promoting modern development techniques. He has a great interest in Containerization, DDD, Distributed E... more

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