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Designing a Monitoring Strategy for a Solution in Microsoft Azure

by Brian Harrison

You will gain a practical understanding of how to build a monitoring strategy using many different Azure Services. The demos within will display the types of monitoring that are available as well as how they can be configured.

What you'll learn

Using all of the services that Microsoft Azure provides, how does one leverage those services to make sure that your deployed application and services are performing according to your expectations? In this course, Designing a Monitoring Strategy for a Solution in Microsoft Azure, you will learn foundational knowledge of/gain the ability to combine available 1st and 3rd party monitoring with logging tools to build a cohesive Monitoring, Logging and Reporting strategy for your applications and systems within Azure. First, you will learn what 1st party Azure Services are available that provide monitoring and logging functionality. Next, you will discover how these services can be configured to push their data to 3rd party tools. Finally, you will explore how to configure Alerts and Log Analytics so that you can be notified when a problem arises based on the monitoring and logging that has been implemented. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Azure Monitoring, Logging, and Reporting services needed to define a cohesive Monitoring and Logging strategy for solutions that have been deployed within Azure.

About the author

Brian has been working in the Cloud space for more than a decade as both a Cloud Architect and Cloud Engineer. He has experience building Application Development, Infrastructure, and AI-based architectures using many different OSS and Non-OSS based technologies. In addition to his work at Pluralsight, he is always trying to educate customers about how to get started in the cloud with his many blogs and videos. He is currently working as a Cloud Solution Architect for Microsoft designing solution... more

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