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Estimating One-time and Recurring Costs for Microsoft Azure

by Phil Evershed

Cost has the greatest influence on cloud solutions. This course will equip Azure solution architects with the skills to confidently estimate costs in real-world cloud migration projects.

What you'll learn

The most frequent question fired at Azure solution architects is “how much will it cost to move to the cloud?” In this course, Estimating One-time and Recurring Costs for Microsoft Azure, you will gain the ability to answer that question in real-world scenarios. First, you will learn how to estimate costs involved with connection and workload migration. Next, you will discover the logic behind selection of product size and pricing estimates. Finally, you will explore how to include third-party components and plan for future growth. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Azure cost estimation needed to ensure your pricing proposals for cloud migration have the best prospects for stakeholder approval.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Phil Evershed, is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert with over 20 years' IT industry experience, learning something new every day. In the mid-90's he unintentionally started a career in IT thanks to the wisdom and foresight of a senior colleague with incredible resemblance to Bill Gates. Fast forward through technical roles traversing the IT lifecycle from pre-sales through deployment, Phil's experience in solution delivery to clients large and small propelled him to become a Pluralsight aut... more

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