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Validating Proposed Solution with Relevant Parties for Microsoft Azure

by William Myers

When architecting solutions for the Azure Cloud, peer review with the relevant parties is important if not required. This course will walk you through determining the appropriate parties to approach for review as well as how to conduct that review.

What you'll learn

Are you responsible for architecting solutions in the Azure cloud, but are unsure of who you should reach out to with this new infrastructure paradigm? In this course, Validating Proposed Solution with Relevant Parties for Microsoft Azure, you will learn foundational knowledge of peer review. First, you will gain an understanding of who should be involved in peer review for different solution types. Next, you will discover how to approach external parties for peer review. Finally, you will explore how to integrate your peer review with third-party vendors. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of peer review needed to validate solutions with relevant parties.

About the author

William C. Myers (Billy Clay Myers) is a Senior Azure FastTrack Engineer with the Customer Experience Engineering Team (CXP) at Microsoft. He holds many certifications including Azure Developer and Architecture Certifications. With over 20 years of experience as a software developer starting with Visual Basic 2, he has focused on continually improving himself through learning and enjoys the opportunity to now share his knowledge to help others learn. He grew up in Refugio, Texas a small South Te... more

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