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Microsoft Azure SDK Fundamentals for GO Developers

by Ashish Minocha

Azure SDK for GO provides a comprehensive SDK for managing Azure services for GO developers.

What you'll learn

Azure SDK for GO provides GO developers a comprehensive SDK for provisioning and managing Azure services. In this course, Microsoft Azure SDK Fundamentals for GO Developers, you’ll learn to utilize the SDK for your GO development requirements by provisioning different services for applications, storage, database, events, and monitoring. First, you’ll explore Azure app services for building and deploying your GO application. Next, you’ll discover Azure Cosmos DB for your database needs along with Azure storage account for storing files and documents. Finally, you’ll learn how to gather and manage events using Azure IoT Hub, Events Hub, and how to use Azure Monitor to detect issues. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Azure SDK for GO needed to build cloud-native applications in GO, running on Azure.

About the author

Ashish is a Technology Manager and architect with a deep passion for Cloud and been engaged with developing Cloud based solutions for Global Clients. He began his career with Windows NT and has done MCSE 2 times (now legacy) and he's Azure Architect certified. For many years, he worked on implementing Enterprise IP Telephony and deploying different CRM systems. He's had the privilege to work for different industries like Service, Manufacturing, Automotive and Banking. He loves understanding clie... more

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