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Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement a Governance Strategy

by Aaron Sampson

Protecting your cloud resources is dependent on formulating and implementing a governance strategy. This course will teach you the skills to help you prepare for the governance portion of the Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect (AZ-303) cert exam.

What you'll learn

Without proper governance, your cloud-based resources may be accessible by unauthorized users. In this course, Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement a Governance Strategy, you’ll learn the governance skills required to protect your resources, and to prepare for the governance portion of the AZ-303 exam. First, you’ll explore the structure of Azure subscriptions, management groups and resource groups, and how to use role-based access control (RBAC) mechanisms to protect your resources. Next, you’ll discover how to manage access through permissions and perform reviews. Finally, you’ll learn how to implement and configure Azure policies and blueprints. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of resource governance needed to formulate and implement a governance strategy, and to prepare for certification.

About the author

Aaron Sampson is a seasoned and experienced IT professional from Halifax, Nova Scotia on Canada's east coast. Having started in the industry in 1995, he quickly directed his efforts toward education and training and has developed and demonstrated excellent communication skills and the ability to impart his knowledge and experience on to others. Most of Aaron's time is spent delivering training in Microsoft products including Windows Server, SQL Server and Business Intelligence, Exchange Server, ... more

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