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Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement a Virtual Networking Strategy

by Greg Dickinson

Even with everything running “in the cloud” there are still networking configurations to consider. This course will teach you how to connect your Azure virtual network to other networks, whether that is in Azure or on-premise.

What you'll learn

Maintaining separate production and development networks is one of the best practices for modern applications. In this course, Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement a Virtual Networking Strategy, you’ll learn to manage site-to-site networking in Azure. First, you’ll explore how to connect virtual networks with one another using Azure’s built-in tools. Next, you’ll discover how to accomplish this using industry-standard IPsec so that your Azure virtual networks can interact with devices from other vendors. Finally, you’ll learn how to peer virtual networks for automatic updates when the IP space changes on either end. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Azure networking needed to manage multi-site Azure implementations.

About the author

Greg has been a longtime "technology enthusiast" (aka "computer nerd") that managed to take his hobby and make a very good living out of it. He's dealt with networking software as far back as NetWare 3.11 and GroupWise and carried that curiosity forward to become skilled in Windows, Exchange, Cisco, and VMware technologies.

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