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Microsoft Azure Developer: Advanced Troubleshooting

by Nikola Milanovic

Building modern cloud-enabled solutions is simplified by using Microsoft Azure services. In this course, you'll learn how to troubleshoot Azure compute services for developing serverless, microservice oriented, and event-driven applications.

What you'll learn

Using Microsoft Azure services can greatly simplify building your modern cloud-enabled solutions, but what happens when those services don't behave as expected? In this course, Microsoft Azure Developer: Advanced Troubleshooting, you'll gain the ability to trace the end-to-end execution of Azure services used to build modern, cloud-enabled applications. First, you'll explore how to instrument your code and add telemetry data in order to identify specific issues. Next, you'll discover how to monitor the execution of Azure Functions. Finally, you'll learn how to leverage monitoring capabilities and explore tools available on Azure, including Service Bus, Event Grid, and Service Fabric. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the necessary skills and knowledge of instrumenting your code and services so you could easily identify, isolate, and fix potential issues.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Using Azure Monitor
Troubleshooting Virtual Machine Scale Sets
Troubleshooting Container Orchestrators

About the author

With over a decade of experience in IT, Nikola brings his passion for technology, innovation, quality, and software design. Nikola kicked off his profession as a software developer and kept being involved in the latest tech trends throughout his career, while also having management and business focus over time. Having been exposed to both technology and business, Nikola has gained invaluable insight into all aspects of creating high-quality solutions which solve actual customer challenges. Withi... more

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