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Migrating Workloads to Microsoft Azure

by Michael Teske

This course identifies the resources, tools, and methods needed to complete successful server and database migrations to Azure using the Azure Migrate dashboard.

What you'll learn

Migrations can be extremely stressful, whether it’s on-prem to on-prem, or on-prem to the cloud. Regardless of the task, it's critical to have the proper tools in place. In this course, Migrating Workloads to Microsoft Azure, you will learn what it takes to successfully migrate your workloads to Microsoft Azure. First, you will learn what is required to assess your on-premises Azure readiness using the Azure Migrate dashboard. Then, you will identify what assets and services are required in Azure to make the migration while migrating a workload to the cloud. Finally, you will assess your on-premises SQL instances, create the necessary assets in Azure, and then migrate your database to an Azure SQL database leveraging Azure Database Migration Service. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to migrate your on-premises workloads to Azure.

About the author

Michael Teske is a principal security author with Pluralsight helping people build their skills toolkit. Michael has 25+ years of experience in the IT Ops/Cloud/Cybersecurity industry including 17 of those years as an IT instructor at a technical college, focusing on Microsoft server infrastructure, security and automation. Michael attained his MBA with an emphasis in Computer Information System Security several years ago. Michael still keeps up with the industry as an independent consultant in ... more

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