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Jan 16, 2019
2h 1m

We have all heard the expression “software is eating the world”. Well, if that is the case, then AI is the hungriest one at the table. In the course, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services: Bing Custom Search API, you will learn how to understand, configure, and utilize the Bing Custom Search APIs. First, you will learn what kind of data Bing Custom Search API accepts and sends. Next, you will discover how to utilize C# code to interact with it. Finally, you will explore what features the API offers. When you are finished with this course, you will have a foundational knowledge of the Bing Search API that will help you move forward with your overall understanding of the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Suite.

About the author
About the author

Matt Kruczek is the VP of Mobile, Web and AI at Tallan. Matt has extensive experience in the software industry and is responsible for creating and maintaining any and all architectures and strategies pertaining to the mobile, web and AI disciplines. He has architected and developed several end-to-end Line of Business applications using a variety of Microsoft Technologies including WCF, WPF, ASP.NET , C#, VB, MVC, SQL Server, Microsoft Bot Framework and Entity Framework.

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