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Microsoft Cognitive Services: Bing Entity Search

by Matthew Soucoup

How many times have users left your app to look something up, only to never return? Bing Entity Search allows you to add this missing context, keeping users from getting lost and leaving. Find out how to use Bing Entity Search in this course!

What you'll learn

Context is everything. It’s the difference between participating fully in an experience and wandering around lost, eventually giving up on it. Using the Bing Entity Search API offering of Microsoft Cognitive Services, you can help solve the missing context problem within your apps! In this course, Microsoft Cognitive Services: Bing Entity Search, you will learn how to query Bing Entity Search to answer questions such as “Who is this person?”, “Why is this landmark important?”, and “Where is a good restaurant close to me?”. First, you will learn what Bing Entity Search is, (and what it isn’t). Next, you will discover how to perform searches using the Bing Entity Search .NET SDK. Finally, you will explore how to interpret the results returned from Bing Entity Search.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge of how and when to add entity and place search to your applications using the Bing Entity Search offering from Microsoft Cognitive Services.

About the author

Matthew is a Microsoft and Xamarin MVP from Madison, WI. He founded his company, Code Mill Technologies, and the Madison Mobile .NET Developers Group. Matt loves mobile development. At Code Mill, he creates elegant cross-platform mobile apps. For fun, Matt shares his passion for mobile and cloud development by blogging, writing articles, and presenting at conferences such as Xamarin Evolve, CodeMash, and That Conference. When not behind a computer screen, Matt gardens hot peppers, rides bikes, a... more

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