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Configure Windows Devices with Microsoft Intune

by Dean Ellerby

This course will teach you how to configure Windows devices with Microsoft Intune via a range of common configuration techniques.

What you'll learn

Once devices are enrolled into Microsoft Intune, it’s important to ensure that they receive appropriate device configurations and settings. In this course, Configure Windows Devices with Microsoft Intune, you’ll learn the most common configuration methods for cloud-managed Windows devices. First, you’ll cover the concept of migrating legacy group policies to Intune configuration profiles. Next, you'll discover how custom configuration profiles can be leveraged to overcome specific scenarios. Finally, you’ll learn how to use Intune to deploy certificates to enrolled devices, to support Wi-Fi or VPN authentication. When you’ve finished this course, you’ll have gained skills and knowledge of Windows device configuration via Microsoft Intune.

About the author

Dean is a Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer, experienced Senior Workspace Solutions Architect, and Organizer at the Cloud Management Community on YouTube. Having created hundreds of in-depth training videos on his channel and having been recognized by Microsoft for his work within the community, Dean is considered to be a thought-leader in Workspace and Endpoint Management.

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