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Advanced Resource, Budget, and Cost Management in Microsoft Project

by Ben Howard

This is an advanced project course, aimed at users who need to take their knowledge to the next level. Throughout the course, multiple features are combined to allow you to plan, track, analyse and report on your project like a seasoned professional.

What you'll learn

The aim of this course is to teach you the things that only the seasoned professionals know about Microsoft Project, but without incurring the battle scars! In this course, Advanced Resource, Budget, and Cost Management in Microsoft Project, you'll learn advanced skills required to track, analyze, and report on your project like a pro. First, you’ll learn how to analyze tasks to see what’s actually driving your schedule. Next, you’ll deal with money, looking at different resource rates and creating and tracking budgets. Finally, you’ll look at advanced project tracking, where you’ll combine several techniques to help you minimize the number of updates you need to perform and minimize the disruption to the rest of the schedule. When you’ve finished the course, you'll have the skills and knowledge to use Microsoft Project just like a seasoned professional.

Table of contents

Course Overview
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About the author

Ben is a Power BI & Data Specialist with a healthy interest in Microsoft BI and planning tools. He has over 30 years of customer and implementation experience, has been a Microsoft MVP for 14 years, is a frequent speaker at several European conferences, and blogs and creates videos on a semi-regular basis. He is actively engaged in providing consultancy to UK FTSE companies, and co-runs the Manchester Power BI User Group.

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