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Tracking Progress and Using Resources and Costs in Microsoft Project

by Ben Howard

As an existing Microsoft Project user, this course takes you to the next level. We begin to drill into some of the more advanced features of scheduling, resourcing, costing, tracking, communicating, and reporting, throughout the project life-cycle.

What you'll learn

The time has come to delve into some of the more advanced features to ensure that you’re able to make the best use of Microsoft Project. In this course, Tracking Progress and Using Resources and Costs in Microsoft Project, you'll learn how to use Microsoft Project in a much more sophisticated and professional way. First, you’ll determine what drives tasks, how Project determines when they start and finish, and how to create and assign resources and costs to the plan. Next, you’ll discover some advanced techniques for sharing and communicating different parts of the plan to different stakeholders, and how to export data from the plan into different office formats. Finally, you’ll explore how to track the project by taking a baseline and using actual and remaining, duration and work, and how to identify the variances in your plan. When you’ve finished the course, you’ll have the advanced skills and knowledge required to use Microsoft Project in order to successfully plan, track and communicate sophisticated project schedules.

Table of contents

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About the author

Ben is a Power BI & Data Specialist with a healthy interest in Microsoft BI and planning tools. He has over 30 years of customer and implementation experience, has been a Microsoft MVP for 14 years, is a frequent speaker at several European conferences, and blogs and creates videos on a semi-regular basis. He is actively engaged in providing consultancy to UK FTSE companies, and co-runs the Manchester Power BI User Group.

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