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Microsoft Purview: Manage and Protect On-premises Content

by Liam Cleary

Understand how to manage and protect on-premises content with Microsoft Purview. Learn how to scan, classify, and catalog on-premises content, design and apply sensitivity labels and policies, and implement effective data loss prevention strategies.

What you'll learn

Ensuring effective management and protection of on-premises content can be daunting without the right tools. In this course, Microsoft Purview: Manage and Protect On-premises Content, you'll learn how to leverage Microsoft Purview for on-premises to its full extent. First, you'll explore how to scan, classify, and use the data catalog to manage on-premises content. Next, you'll dive into creating and managing sensitivity labels and policies explicitly tailored for on-premises data. Then, you'll discover how to plan and implement robust data loss prevention strategies for on-premises content, including deploying policies and using the on-premises DLP scanner. Finally, you'll learn how to extend your DLP strategies to device endpoints, ensuring comprehensive coverage. By the end of this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge to significantly enhance data security and compliance for on-premises content using Microsoft Purview.

About the author

Liam began his career as a trainer of all things computer-related. He quickly realized that programming, breaking, and hacking were much more fun. Liam spent the next few years working within core infrastructure and security services. He is the founder and owner of SharePlicity, a consulting company that focuses on Microsoft 365 and Azure technology. His role within SharePlicity is to help organizations implement Microsoft 365 and Azure technology to enhance internal and external collaboration, ... more

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