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A Comparison of Microsoft Web Technologies

by Michael Palermo

Microsoft has many options for tackling web development. This course will explain what the available options are and how to determine which is best for you!

What you'll learn

Before engaging in any web development project using the Microsoft web platform, a thorough knowledge of the technology options available is key to choosing the right path. In this course, A Comparison of Web Technologies, you will learn how to evaluate the strengths and challenges of each web technology, and determine which is best aligned with needs of developer. You will get to compare Web Forms, Web Pages, and MVC with each other using similar demos to showcase unique approaches. You will also get an understanding of how ASP.NET Core compares with the full ASP.NET framework. When you are finished with this course, you will have the ability to make a strategic choice as to which Microsoft web technology is best for you!

About the author

J. “Michael” Palermo IV is a leader in Developer Relations and has previously worked at Microsoft and Amazon. Michael has personally trained thousands of developers. He has engaged the user group community as a participant, speaker, and leader. Michael has contributed to the technical community via blogging, article writing, authoring books and videos, and speaking at industry events throughout the world. At the core, Michael loves to develop software and share what he learns with others.

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