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Dec 28, 2016
1h 19m

If you are like the millions of people these days who use a mobile device for more than simply receiving and making phone calls then this course in the Cyber Security Awareness series, Mobile Device Security is the course for you. In the course, we will first look at the way that mobile devices have been used and adapted for everyday use. Then we will explore the most common ways devices are exploited before ending with ways to mitigate the common vulnerabilities.

About the author
About the author

Jennifer promotes responsible technology use (25-plus years) as educator, project manager, and consultant with government, industry, and universities (Ball State, Purdue, Regis). Jennifer has led eGovernment and broadband initiatives as Indiana’s director of ecommerce, and wrote Hacking Wireless Access Points and the DLP chapter for best-seller, Data Breach and Encryption Handbook.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Hello, and welcome to Mobile Device Security, part of our Cyber Security Awareness series. My name is Jennifer Kurtz with Mentor Source. I also lead graduate courses in cyber security at Regis University in Denver, Colorado. Writing my back on hacking wireless access points for Elsevier Publishing, prompted a year of research into all aspects of wireless communications, including the obvious area of mobile devices. In this brief course on mobile device security, we will talk about various categories of devices, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, wearable devices, and appliances like digital cameras, baby monitors, insulin infusion pumps, and how they can be protected from compromise. Many will be familiar to you. In these lessons, we will discuss the following topics: history of radio spectrum technology and international protocol agreements, trends in mobile device adoption, mobile device adaptations, mobile technology platforms such as networks and hardware, mobile device applications or apps, and market conditions for selling extracted or compromised mobile device information. Most importantly, we'll discuss how to make your mobile devices more secure.